Welcome to the world of Matti White, female blogger of the world of sensuality, relationships, sex, and erotic couture.

In between sunrise, coffee and the unmade bed, Matti White designs lingerie as artwork for a women’s body. Lingerie and erotic couture aren’t just fabrics laid out between your skin and the world. Just like everyday clothing and fashion, there are lingerie designs for every occasion! Some are plain but functional, and never gets to see the light of the day. But for brave women, lingerie can become powerful tools that represent feminism, sophistication, beauty, and sensuality. It can play games of transparency and mystery. Some are loved for boudoir, bedroom or for beaches.

The Image of Erotica Art in Words

What’s sensuality and intimacy to you? To many, this topic is only discussed within closed doors and under the sheets. Do you really know what your partner loves most in your bed? In this blog, there are no withholding thoughts on this topic. Matti White shares her experiences, ideas on burning questions about kissing, sex positions, fantasies and things that can make anyone rediscover their sensuality in life. You’ll find articles on how to achieve sizzling nights, every time, anywhere, even on the coldest winter escapades.

Rediscover Sensuality and Sex

What happens when you give in to life’s guilty pleasures? What are the things you can do if it gets a little too boring in bed? There are tips on how to increase sensuality and intimacy, and wild ideas that can spice up your nights with your partner. Can you really achieve multiple orgasms? You’ll find guides on love language, naughty moves, and sex toys that you can use to ratchet up bedroom play. You’ll know more about fetishes, sex positions and how to use them for pleasure.

To clarify, this isn’t a blog that’s just about sex. Browse through the articles and you’ll find ideas about how we handle dating, relationships and sexual health. This covers topics for singles and couples that are dating for years or have just met. Are there really rules on dating? Or how do you mend a broken heart? You’ll find tips on how to make good first impressions, how to avoid past relationship mistakes, how to keep the spark alive, and even tips on how to take relationships to the next level when the time is right.