We’ve all seen the commercials about erectile dysfunction, a lack of love, and a poor spark, but is it true? After a specific age can you no longer have sex, need for sex, or enjoy the sensations that accompany sex? Or is having better senior sex the same as finding your favorite wine- a process in which you take your time, enjoy the mood, and embrace the moment?

Realistically, sex can improve at any age. In fact, when the kids leave the house, adults get their freedom, and there’s less stress to deal with, people can age and truly enjoy each other’s company. When seniors are more creative, communicate better, and have a better attitude about spending time with each other, many find that sex gets better with age, as you understand more about each other’s body. Join us as we learn more and more about what’s important for better sex later on in life.

In this article, we’ll show you four ways to have better senior sex:

4. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Your body changes dramatically in your senior years. Help your partner better understand what you need and want by discussing everything with your lover. Work on reducing distractions, being creative, and trying to have more passionate. Try just talking about sex- sometimes it can make you feel even more sexy and ready for the moment.

3. Try thinking about sex differently than you used to. Because you’re aging, you might not be comfortable with some positions, or have issues with ED. In these situations, try having your lover on top (where it’s less of an issue). Try switching positions, and trying using your fingers and mouth. Have fun!

2. Exercise together and try to be more active. Try stretching, cardiovascular activities, even walking and strength training for virility and stamina. Cut out unhealthy foods and make a switch to feeling better about yourself in the future.

1. Check with your healthcare provider. Often there are medicines that can help you get your freak on. If you notice any sexual issues, try seeking medical health as soon as possible and avoid feeling embarrassed to discuss your issues. Your doctor might suggest getting out more, staying fit, and making better choices, but sometimes some medicines are better for your health and well-being than you might have thought. Taking a new approach to your health often gets the spark going. You might just feel like a little action after a few weeks of carefully administered medicine.