How Is Technology Affecting Dating?

It’s not a secret that the Internet has revolutionized the world we live in. Nowadays, we are able to do a variety of different things on the computer, like shop, watch television, and even find a date, among other things. Finding a date online has become the go to option for millions of men and women around the globe, as it’s easy, and one doesn’t feel that bad if rejected.

Online Dating Has Become Armor for Many People

Online dating has sort become armor for those individuals who are a bit shy and feel a bit insecure to go out and mingle. Even people who are outgoing find online dating to be very beneficial, as they can meet even more people. In addition, it’s also the ideal solution for people who just can’t seem to find the ‘one.’

Noteworthy Features

It starts off by creating a profile on one or more of the many online dating sites available. These sites tend to have a variety of different features that make the experience of dating even much more pleasant, like dating articles, iPhone applications, Android applications, chat rooms, forums, video chat features, advanced search features, and etc.

Dating Made Easy

People tend to place photos of themselves on their profiles and a short description that informs viewers the 411 on them. Anybody who is interested in knowing more has to just click on the contact button. It’s very easy, which is why more and more people are hopping into the online dating wagon.

Main Advantage and Disadvantage of Online Dating

One of the main advantages of online dating is that you can connect with people and know the 411 on them before actually meeting them. You can just sit back and discover who is worth your time of day, just by reading their descriptions. One of the disadvantages is that not everybody who has an online dating profile can be trusted. There are a lot of people who utilize fake photos and lie in their descriptions in order to come across as being more attractive and successful than they actually are; therefore, one has to be very careful in this aspect. Video chatting is often suggested before actually planning a date with someone you met online.

Find Your Other Half on a Credible Website

The Internet has definitely changed the way we find dates. Nowadays, there are numerous of dating websites that one can join. There are a lot of people who suggest that those online sites that charge a fee are worth a time of day, as they more than likely have members who are really there to find their other half, not to waste time.

Four Proven Ways of Improving Your Lovemaking

Making love is the best feeling ever but it can also turn out to be disastrous if not handled well. Through lovemaking, you can experience one-flesh intimacy, deep pleasure and comfort in each other. However, this is not the case for all the couples out there. Luckily for them, we will highlight some of the best practices that will get them wild with pleasure and enjoy special moments with each other.

Be Proud of Your Naked Body

Couples fail to have mind-blowing sex because they are uncomfortable with their naked selves. Studies show that women and even men who feel good about their bodies have the most amazing sex. Although this could be all in the mind, it thus important that you reassure your partner that they are beautiful. You could also open up to your partner to find out what he or she prefers.

Turn Ordinary Chores into Foreplay

Foreplay is an important part of any lovemaking session. It builds the emotional connection and arousal, ingredients of tantalizing sex. Do not wait until you are in bed. Turn every opportunity you get into something that will build up to wonderful sex. Rub against him or her as you pass by. When you finally go to bed, take it a notch higher. Try to find her G-spot and let her guide you. You can alternate this with the figure 8 technique on her and see just how crazy she will go. If you can keep this on over 15 minutes, you can be assured that nothing will be able to describe the pleasure that both of you will enjoy.

Leave the House

It is always good to escape from the house and all the distractions at home once in a while with your partner to have some wonderful time together. Go out to dinner and even try something new. This can really ignite the passion in your life especially if things had started becoming a little boring. Going out of the house does not necessarily have to be about dinner. You could also visit your partner at the workplace since it reveals something about him or her that you probably fell in love with at the beginning.

Find Fulfillment

When making love, it is important to take time and appreciate the joy of sex. Understanding the awe that takes place in your body and that of your partner can help you change your attitude and help you focus on fulfillment. Always take time to enjoy it and ensure that your partner is enjoying too. Before switching off the light, look into your spouse’s eyes and smile.

Taking your lovemaking sessions to greater heights means that both of you will enjoy the sex and each other’s company. Thanks to these ideas, this is more than possible.

4 of The Best Sex Toys For Couples

So often, couples venture out to find the perfect sex toy to spice up their experience. It’s only natural to want to share the world of possibilities with your significant other, while taking your pleasure to the next level. Yet, while many toys are designed with one in mind, couples seeking out the best sex toys have unique needs that make traditional toys a little more cumbersome. But today, we’re taking a look at some toys that are specifically designed for you couples in mind, so that you can share in the fun. Here are some of the best sex toys for couples:

Two Vibrators in One with the Zini Deuz

For couples, there’s almost nothing better than our first choice, the Zini Deuz. This toy isn’t simple one vibrator; it’s two. In the shape of an egg, it comes apart to form an awesome duo: one vibrator for her and one for him. With different levels of vibration, it offers a custom experience for her clitoris and his testicles. Both are shaped well for each partner’s genitals while allowing for easy co-use. This toy can be adapted for almost any sexual situation involving couples, making it an ideal go-to for satisfaction.

The Iconic Ring and Iconic Pocket Make For a Matching Set

Another good choice for couples looking to step up their standard sex is the Iconic set. The Iconic Ring fits perfectly over his cock, while the Iconic Pocket is a compact vibrator for her needs. The best part? You can use them both in water, which takes a regular old romp in the bed to the steamy and wet intimacy of the shower. While trying out new positions, you can also try out what it’s like for each of you to get that bit of extra excitement together as each piece gently stimulates during intercourse.

The Tor 2 is a Powerful Cock Ring for Couples

While cock rings are nothing new, combing them with the right form-factor and a motor means couples can enjoy this toy at the same time. The Tor 2 is just such a toy, with a broad upper-shaped cuff that offers a good fit. This cock ring promises that during sex, he’s having a great time, while her clit and vagina are also receiving a dose of that stimulation.

We-Vibe Connects with a Great Shape

Our final selection is a state-of-the-art choice for couples looking for a good sex toy. The We-Vibe is a silicone vibrator with a novel shape that lets her really enjoy a full experience, from g-spot to clitoris. In the process, it allow him to enjoy the experience, while also having a bit of control with their free smart phone app that can be used to up the intensity or even create custom playlists. This toy, along with each of our others, really offers some good selections for couples looking for the perfect toy.

Why Married Men Visit Prostitutes

Some of the possible reasons why married men visit prostitutes include the potential that they have: lack of interest in their spouse; dissatisfaction in their marriages; and low self-esteem and self-worth.

Lack of interest in one’s spouse could be attributed to many factors. For example, especially after having had children, the wife may not be considered as attractive to the husband as she once was. Maybe she gained a few extra pounds (or more) that she was never able to quite lose once she had kids. For some married men, this may take all the physical attraction out of the marriage so much so that it is more of a chore or duty to have intimate relations with their wives rather than something that men enjoy any more. Therefore, they might turn to prostitutes in order to fulfill their needs.

This leads us to the next possibility why men turn to prostitutes for self-fulfillment. Many men are dissatisfied in their marriages, either because there are money problems or other such difficulties that can burden a marriage. Perhaps the married man has a lot of stress at work and hasn’t really made enough time for family and has become somewhat dissociated from his wife. Most of all, it is possible that the married man becomes sexually unfulfilled due to either him not wanting to have sex with his wife, or vice versa–where the wife might be withholding sex from her husband for whatever reason. Perhaps she is not in the mood to have intercourse or feels like it is a chore. When a man visits a prostitute, he likes to not only enjoy sex himself, but he usually wants the woman to feel like she is enjoying herself as well.

Married men who visit prostitutes run the gamut in terms of what kind of ethical and moral scruples they have. Some men are more discreet than others. Some couples have open marriages where the wife “agrees” to such behavior as long as the man is just fulfilling sexual needs and desires but has no emotional attachment to the prostitute. Women are actually more upset when men are emotionally unavailable for them. Its possible married men who visit prostitutes have self-esteem issues or low self-worth.

There are a variety of reasons married men might visit prostitutes–stemming from a lack of interest in their spouses, marital dissatisfaction, or having low self-esteem or self-worth.

Common Relationship Problems and Ways To Solve Them

Being in a relationship is wonderful and comes with its benefits, but that does not mean that life will not be without challenges. Many of these challenges put a lot of strain on the couple and if they are not handled in a timely manner and in the correct way, can lead to even bigger problems and eventual separation. Handling these issues in a healthy way may be challenging; this guide will help you identify some of these problems and how to work them out.


In many cases disagreements occur about money. Couples will fight about their expenses, such as if one feels the other is withholding crucial information about their finances. Fighting about money is symbolic of power struggles in the household. To avoid money-related conflicts, plan everything as a team. You should also come up with your goals such as buying a car, going for a vacation and even paying school fees together. You can open a common bank account where both of you deposit a certain percentage of your paychecks for accountability.

Boundary issues

When in a relationship, some partners may try to change each other so that their partner becomes that “perfect” mate. Although it may seem that you are getting the desired results, most of the time this turns out badly; changing someone in the name of being helpful is never easy and will probably never happen. More often than not the person will just hide their “bad” behavior from their partner, creating distrust and resentment. This is why it is important that you strive to change your response and attitude towards your partner to avoid running into boundary issues.

Poor Communication

Communication is what makes everything work; unfortunately, many couples mistake talking as having an effective communication thus leading to common errors. Complaints, criticism, and emotional blackmail are anything but communication. Poor communication will always lead to marital problems, especially during a midlife crisis. This is why you must learn to express yourself assertively but also consider the other person’s feelings. You can become an effective communicator by learning to listen carefully and understanding your partner’s point of view. Whenever you are criticized, respond with empathy.


Although things tend to be fine when dating, there are cases where one partner may feel that the other is not doing enough work in the house, especially when the relationship gets more serious. If there is a disparity in the amount of effort put forth, it is likely that one partner will feel overwhelmed. Furthermore, men who were raised in traditional homes tend to believe that theirs is the hard labor around the home, and women should do everything else. This kind of mindset is a recipe for marital issues. Luckily, avoiding housework related issues is a simple as the partners communicating their concerns and asking their mate to chip in once in a while.

Marriage is not a game; it takes communication, hard work and sacrifice. Learning how to deal with problems as a couple will cause you to have a stronger union, and a longer lasting relationship.

Women Paying For Sex


More women are paying for sex than ever before. Recent studies show that a larger number of women are paying for sex than in the past. Websites advertising casual sex are frequented by more women than men these days. Male escort services are on the rise. These escorts can be paid hundreds of dollars for the night.

A study by Dr. Sarah Kingston of Lancaster University and Dr. Natalie Hammond at Manchester Metropolitan University takes an in depth look at this phenomenon. While in its early stages, results show that a large number of these women are in their thirties and forties, most of which are career women.

Many of these women say that they do not have time for relationships. Using male escort services is just more efficient. The number of male escort profiles on the Internet has tripled in the last five years. This is a large increase in just a short time.

There are several reasons that women might pay for sex.

1. Dating can be a difficult task. Meeting people and getting to know them can take a lot of time and effort. Many women just do not have the time or energy to spend on starting a new relationship. Sometimes it is just quicker and easier to pay for the experience and move on.

2. It is safer than meeting someone at a bar and having sex the first night. Escort services regularly test their escorts for STD’s and perform background checks. Meeting someone in the dating scene, you never know what you are getting into.

3. Some men can be clingy. Sometimes sex is all a woman wants; no strings, no callbacks, no future dates. Escorts provide the perfect sex with no strings experience.

4. Satisfaction Guaranteed. These male escorts are tested. They are not selfish lovers. Their livelihood relies on making sure the woman has a pleasurable experience.

Most male escort services provide a variety of encounter options. These range anywhere from “a chance hookup” to “the boyfriend experience”. I am sure that if you use your imagination you can come up with several other options that are available. Whatever your desire, it is probably out there waiting for you.

It is likely that with more women rising in the business world, this trend will continue. After all, haven’t business men been doing this for years now? Maybe it is time that the women got their turn.

Tips For Men On Buying Lingerie

Often, men are unsuccessful in buying lingerie that their partner finds as attractive as they do. Many men are unsure where they went wrong in their choice of lingerie and, unless their partner is willing to explain it to them, continue to be in the dark in the lingerie buying department.
Buying lingerie can be challenging because men are often unfamiliar with women’s sizes. They are unsure with the way women’s clothes are sized, as well as what size their partner may or may not prefer for their own comfort. A man can greatly increase his chances of pleasing his partner with his choice in lingerie if he becomes familiar with common clothing sizes as well as what size his partner wears. In doing this, he can ensure that the awkwardness of buying the wrong size and upsetting his partner is avoided.

Another reason buying lingerie can be challenging is knowing exactly what will make her feel sexy. Most women will not feel sexy or empowered in the skimpy nurse outfit that leaves nothing to the imagination. Most women like a little mystery; they like to tease their partner with something that reveals a little, but not too much. A man would be wise to have a conversation with his partner about her lingerie preferences, as most women will be pleased that he is concerned about what she likes or dislikes, and he will learn what lingerie to consider and what to steer clear of.

Some men, however, find it difficult to consult with their partners about their lingerie preferences. There can be many reasons for this, though one may simply be that he is surprising her with a romantic evening. If this is the case, a man should consider things his partner has worn in the past or has stashed away in her underwear drawer. These can be clues in figuring out what size to buy as well as what his partner prefers to wear in order to feel sexy.

A man should always keep in mind that a woman almost always has something she is self conscious about when it comes to her body. Buying lingerie that covers, or exposes, body parts as she prefers is helpful in successful lingerie shopping. In addition, a man should always remember to compliment his partner when she wears the lingerie he has bought for her.

Secrets to the Big O

Secrets to the Big O

Orgasms are the pinnacle of sexual intercourse; if there’s one skill that every woman and man should know in bed, it should be how to achieve orgasms. The big O can be elusive and can slip away fast if you let it. If you’re looking for tips on how to achieve it, here are a few that you can try. Not all women are the same, so what works for one may not work for another, but the fun is in trying!

Stop concentrating on when to climax

It takes away from the passion in bed and can have negative results on your relationship. Getting stressed about timing can destroy the fun of sex. Focus on what you’re feeling, the heat, and the sensations throughout your body.

Love the friction

Try other positions that give your man a great experience and help you to experience more friction. Sex is great at all angles, but there are positions that maximize G-spot stimulation.

• The girl-on-top position naturally rubs the clitoris which helps to achieve big orgasms.
• Missionary position is the position that women enjoy most.
• Try the reverse cowgirl position and see how being in control make you feel powerful and ready to explode!

Try something new that you had inhibitions about before

Getting over taboo topics can transform your sex life. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new positions, such as those depicted in the Kama Sutra. Explore different positions and variations to see which one works best for you. Try voyeurism, watching porn and role playing. With each different approach, you’ll see how your body responds and discover new ways to achieve amazing orgasms.

Build up the desire and tension on your muscles

Relaxing is the first step to truly detaching yourself from everyday stress and focus on the moment, but the key to achieving orgasm is muscle tension in your abdominal, butt and leg areas.

How do you create tension in those areas of your body? Simple enough, by arousal; this is why foreplay is very important. Try something different beforehand. Send steamy messages to your partner early in the day and see how they respond. Read some erotica to stimulate your imagination.

Get to know your G-spot

Not all women are the same when it comes to arousal. There are certain positions that stimulate your nerves fast, and there are topics that just trigger your sensuality. So don’t be afraid to try new things. Tell your partner what you enjoy most about sex and what you’d like to try. Get familiarized with areas in your body that give you those delicious sensations.

Foreplay Tips

Foreplay Tips

Routine can kill passion, even in the bedroom. That’s why you need to tease, flirt, and beguile your man into experiences that he can only fantasize with you. Try some of these tips and watch your nights begin to sizzle.

Sneak peak teaser – The key to foreplay is about enticing your partner into something that he looks forward to. Sometimes he knows it’s about sex, but can’t really pinpoint what exactly he wants about it. Guide him with a sneak peak throughout the day so that the excitement builds up. Send him text like “I want you “, “can’t wait” or some decoded message like “found another use for chocolate”. Get into his weakness or fetishes like sending him a photo of the part of your body he loves the most.

Read erotic excerpts – Watching adult movies is different when you just hear the words. Visual media limits you to just what you see, but with erotica, it can drive his imagination wild. Try sections that describes foreplay, kissing, undressing.

Learn how to kiss passionately – Think kissing is a boring part of sex? Try kissing your man before he does, and use a sexy whisper, like soft breath on his ear, to send shivers and tingles down his spine. Peck at his lips and squeeze his lips with yours.

Try the kissing triangle – It’s a kissing pattern that starts with the lips, on to the cheeks, then down to the neck and back to his lips.

Suck on his earlobes for instant electric shiver on all the sensitive nerves.

Soft murmur – When your body experiences something pleasurable, it is only natural to let out an involuntary soft murmur. When you’re in the middle of some deep, sensual kissing, that sound lets your man know that you’re definitely enjoying the moment.

Full Frenching – Use this at super sizzling intimate moments, just like the ones you see in the movies, when you just can’t wait to get hold of him and satisfy both your desires to the fullest. This involves extending your tongue all the way with swirling motions.

Show him who’s in control –Try a different position or role play that lets you be the main boss. You can ask your man what he likes that you do in the bedroom and explore that idea or try something brand new. Some men like it when women take control during sex. It builds up excitement because he doesn’t have a clue what to expect next.

Sensual massage – Do something different during foreplay by massaging his scalp and shoulders. This relaxes tense muscles and can tickle on sensitive nerves that send sensual vibes all over the body. Use an relaxing aromatic massage oil and work your way from the head, neck, shoulders and back.

Different Fun Sex Toys

Different Fun Sex Toys

Sex toys can be a lot of fun but the wide variety can make one feel overwhelmed. Below are a few examples of different sex toys that you can use to spark your curiosity, and leave you and your partner feeling satisfied.

A bullet or vibrating egg is versatile and you can either use alone or with your partner. Not only does the bullet get the job done every time, but it is also one of the most moderately priced sex toys in the market. This egg suits even the tamest couple and works by using remote control that is connected to a thin cord. Depending on the mood that you are in, you can simply adjust the settings and enjoy. Besides being discrete, it is also very easy to clean.

If you are interested in being dominated or you want to dominate him, handcuffs are ideal when it comes to bondage. They can be used during intercourse or foreplay. You can tease him A bit or let him tease you but you need to set some rules before using it. Add blind fold and whip for more excitement.

Get a mini massager. Huge dildos can be very intimidating therefore be sure to start small when you trying out sex toys. Pocket rocket is small enough to turn you on but again it is not big enough to scare away your partner. The vibrations are just as strong as that of large vibrators but without the wow factor that you are using a sex toy realization. You can use the mini massager to stimulate yourself and then let him take the lead.

A vibrating penis ring is another alternative. Very many women have problems being able to reach orgasm and this ring will help with that. A vibrating penis loop is an o shaped disc which is placed around the shaft therefore limiting blood flow. The results are harder erections, erections which last for a long time and a whole new sensation. The ring can be directed at the testicles to the woman’s clitoris for more simulation.

Regardless of the sex toy that you select, make sure that it is one which you and your loved one will be comfortable with. You need to ask for your partner’s opinion so that you know what they also like. Do not forget to have fun since without fun, what is the point of getting a sex toy?