Sex toys can be a lot of fun but the wide variety can make one feel overwhelmed. Below are a few examples of different sex toys that you can use to spark your curiosity, and leave you and your partner feeling satisfied.

A bullet or vibrating egg is versatile and you can either use alone or with your partner. Not only does the bullet get the job done every time, but it is also one of the most moderately priced sex toys in the market. This egg suits even the tamest couple and works by using remote control that is connected to a thin cord. Depending on the mood that you are in, you can simply adjust the settings and enjoy. Besides being discrete, it is also very easy to clean.

If you are interested in being dominated or you want to dominate him, handcuffs are ideal when it comes to bondage. They can be used during intercourse or foreplay. You can tease him A bit or let him tease you but you need to set some rules before using it. Add blind fold and whip for more excitement.

Get a mini massager. Huge dildos can be very intimidating therefore be sure to start small when you trying out sex toys. Pocket rocket is small enough to turn you on but again it is not big enough to scare away your partner. The vibrations are just as strong as that of large vibrators but without the wow factor that you are using a sex toy realization. You can use the mini massager to stimulate yourself and then let him take the lead.

A vibrating penis ring is another alternative. Very many women have problems being able to reach orgasm and this ring will help with that. A vibrating penis loop is an o shaped disc which is placed around the shaft therefore limiting blood flow. The results are harder erections, erections which last for a long time and a whole new sensation. The ring can be directed at the testicles to the woman’s clitoris for more simulation.

Regardless of the sex toy that you select, make sure that it is one which you and your loved one will be comfortable with. You need to ask for your partner’s opinion so that you know what they also like. Do not forget to have fun since without fun, what is the point of getting a sex toy?