Routine can kill passion, even in the bedroom. That’s why you need to tease, flirt, and beguile your man into experiences that he can only fantasize with you. Try some of these tips and watch your nights begin to sizzle.

Sneak peak teaser – The key to foreplay is about enticing your partner into something that he looks forward to. Sometimes he knows it’s about sex, but can’t really pinpoint what exactly he wants about it. Guide him with a sneak peak throughout the day so that the excitement builds up. Send him text like “I want you “, “can’t wait” or some decoded message like “found another use for chocolate”. Get into his weakness or fetishes like sending him a photo of the part of your body he loves the most.

Read erotic excerpts – Watching adult movies is different when you just hear the words. Visual media limits you to just what you see, but with erotica, it can drive his imagination wild. Try sections that describes foreplay, kissing, undressing.

Learn how to kiss passionately – Think kissing is a boring part of sex? Try kissing your man before he does, and use a sexy whisper, like soft breath on his ear, to send shivers and tingles down his spine. Peck at his lips and squeeze his lips with yours.

Try the kissing triangle – It’s a kissing pattern that starts with the lips, on to the cheeks, then down to the neck and back to his lips.

Suck on his earlobes for instant electric shiver on all the sensitive nerves.

Soft murmur – When your body experiences something pleasurable, it is only natural to let out an involuntary soft murmur. When you’re in the middle of some deep, sensual kissing, that sound lets your man know that you’re definitely enjoying the moment.

Full Frenching – Use this at super sizzling intimate moments, just like the ones you see in the movies, when you just can’t wait to get hold of him and satisfy both your desires to the fullest. This involves extending your tongue all the way with swirling motions.

Show him who’s in control –Try a different position or role play that lets you be the main boss. You can ask your man what he likes that you do in the bedroom and explore that idea or try something brand new. Some men like it when women take control during sex. It builds up excitement because he doesn’t have a clue what to expect next.

Sensual massage – Do something different during foreplay by massaging his scalp and shoulders. This relaxes tense muscles and can tickle on sensitive nerves that send sensual vibes all over the body. Use an relaxing aromatic massage oil and work your way from the head, neck, shoulders and back.