There are a lot of sex toys you probably did not know existed, and a lot of these exist in worlds where you might not necessarily have interest. Or, you might find out that some of them are actually really interesting. Having fun in the bedroom is a lot more fun if you have actually decided to try some of these sex toys with your partner.

The Sling

The sling is a huge leather mat that you hang from the ceiling. You put your partner in it, and you can have hours of fun. This is a toy that is meant for sex, but it could be used for bondage play if you want to punish someone. You need a place where you can hang up the four corners securely, but the sling is a lot of fun when you want to do something new with your partner.

The TENS Unit

You may not know what a TENS unit is, but it is actually an electric unit that delivers shocks. These are used for physical therapy, or they can be used for sex play. You can put the nodes from the unit anywhere on your partner, and you can shock them to increase the sensation. This is really interesting if you are using it right before sex because your partner will be more than ready to be with you after being warmed up by the TENS unit.

The Bullet Vibe

The bullet vibe is a tiny vibrator that can actually be attached to a remote control. You can give the remote to your partner, and they can turn it on any time they want. This is a really fun game you can play with your partner, but you have to be able to trust that person to make sure that they are going to do right by you while they are playing with the remote.

All the toys that you see here can be fun for you and your partner, but you need to be sure that you know how to use them safely. Being safe with your partner is very important, and both of you need to avoid injury when you are using these toys. The shocks from the TENS unit have to be made in the right places, and the sling needs to be used so that you do not hurt yourself. Everything can be fun when you are safe.