Are you addicted to coffee? It is estimated that a large number of Londoners are addicted to drinking coffee. The problem is very prominent at London escorts. The problem is that many London escorts work unsociable hours. When you work late at night, you will find that your energy levels start to flag quickly. When you have a five minute break, it is easy to make yourself a coffee or stop at the nearest coffee place and pick up a take away.

Drinking too much coffee is bad for you. It dries out your mucus membranes that can lead to dry skin in the long run. When you drink too much coffee, your skin quality will suffer. Collagen production starts to slow down. This can in turn quickly lead to wrinkles and fine lines developing. It goes without saying that charlotte escorts like to look after their skin. Men like to date beautiful London escorts and if you drink too much coffee, your skin quality will start to suffer.

So, how can you get over a coffee addiction? The way you start your date matters a lot. For instance, instead of eating toast first thing in the morning, you may want to go for a food choice that releases energy slowly. A good choice would be oats and bananas. There is no reason why you can’t eat a couple of bananas with yoghurt for breakfast. Many London escorts do. London escorts also know that eating fruit for breakfast will help you to stay slim at the same time. But, more than anything, fruit and oats do increase your energy levels.

What can you drink instead of coffee? Of course, you can try herbal teas. The problem is that not all herbal teas give you an energy boost. One herbal tea that can give you an energy boost is ginger tea. Although ginger tea does not contain any caffeine, it is packed with other ingredients that can help to raise your energy levels. Not only that, when you are working the late shift at London escorts, you may feel a bit chilly at times. Ginger tea will help to stimulate your circulation and make you feel more energetic.

What about sugary foods? Yes, it is all too easy to resort to sugary foods. But, as we all know, sugar is bad for us. London escorts do their best to avoid chocolate as they know it will make them put on weight and can cause diabetes type 2. There is already a lot of hidden sugar in our food and you should check how much sugar you are eating. The funny thing with sugar, is that it will give you a quick energy boost and then it will make you feel more tired. Eating fruit such as diced melon is a much better choice. Melons are rich in electrolytes that will help you to keep you going for longer. Yes, you can get over your coffee addiction, but you may have to consider it a long term project.