Being in a relationship is wonderful and comes with its benefits, but that does not mean that life will not be without challenges. Many of these challenges put a lot of strain on the couple and if they are not handled in a timely manner and in the correct way, can lead to even bigger problems and eventual separation. Handling these issues in a healthy way may be challenging; this guide will help you identify some of these problems and how to work them out.


In many cases disagreements occur about money. Couples will fight about their expenses, such as if one feels the other is withholding crucial information about their finances. Fighting about money is symbolic of power struggles in the household. To avoid money-related conflicts, plan everything as a team. You should also come up with your goals such as buying a car, going for a vacation and even paying school fees together. You can open a common bank account where both of you deposit a certain percentage of your paychecks for accountability.

Boundary issues

When in a relationship, some partners may try to change each other so that their partner becomes that “perfect” mate. Although it may seem that you are getting the desired results, most of the time this turns out badly; changing someone in the name of being helpful is never easy and will probably never happen. More often than not the person will just hide their “bad” behavior from their partner, creating distrust and resentment. This is why it is important that you strive to change your response and attitude towards your partner to avoid running into boundary issues.

Poor Communication

Communication is what makes everything work; unfortunately, many couples mistake talking as having an effective communication thus leading to common errors. Complaints, criticism, and emotional blackmail are anything but communication. Poor communication will always lead to marital problems, especially during a midlife crisis. This is why you must learn to express yourself assertively but also consider the other person’s feelings. You can become an effective communicator by learning to listen carefully and understanding your partner’s point of view. Whenever you are criticized, respond with empathy.


Although things tend to be fine when dating, there are cases where one partner may feel that the other is not doing enough work in the house, especially when the relationship gets more serious. If there is a disparity in the amount of effort put forth, it is likely that one partner will feel overwhelmed. Furthermore, men who were raised in traditional homes tend to believe that theirs is the hard labor around the home, and women should do everything else. This kind of mindset is a recipe for marital issues. Luckily, avoiding housework related issues is a simple as the partners communicating their concerns and asking their mate to chip in once in a while.

Marriage is not a game; it takes communication, hard work and sacrifice. Learning how to deal with problems as a couple will cause you to have a stronger union, and a longer lasting relationship.