Marriages are holy unions that often get desecrated when one partner indulges in an extramarital affair. But what both parties in a marriage need to understand is that before being their partner’s better halves, their partners are human and human beings make mistakes. Although it is very hard to forgive your partner after they have cheated, there are ways that you can save your marriage after an affair. Here’s a list of things you must do in order to save your marriage and heal:

Be Honest – The first and most important thing an infidel partner needs to do in order to save the marriage after an affair is to start being honest with their partner. Initially your partner is going to find it impossible to trust you again and will probably even doubt every move you make. But at such a time, you need to be patient and honest. Even if your partner does not believe what you say, prove your honesty to them in every possible way. Also have the courage to own up and admit your mistake.

Commitment from Both Partners – It takes two to make a marriage work. Similarly, it takes two to solve the problem of infidelity. Both you and your partner need to sincerely work at resolving the major problem that your marriage has just faced. Only one partner putting in all the efforts to fix the marriage will be futile. Thus, sit down and confront your partner, discuss the problem at hand honestly, and once you both find yourself on the same mental plane, commit yourselves to making things right.

Be Patient – You need to understand that your partner needs some time to trust you again. Bringing your relationship back to its original rapport is not easy. Thus, if you find that your partner is taking time to heal from the betrayal, be patient.

Get Help from a Professional – Another thing that always shows positive results is getting help from a professional. There are numerous marriage counsellors who can professionally help guide you and your partner through the rough patch your marriage is facing.

Ask for Forgiveness – If you truly want to save your marriage, put your ego aside and sincerely apologize for your mistake. Be loving to your partner and understand that even though they may initially hold grudges against you, things will gradually and slowly come back to normalcy.

If you genuinely wish to save your marriage, follow these steps devotedly. You will be surprised with the results. Most importantly, if you genuinely love your partner don’t ever repeat the mistake again.