Making love is the best feeling ever but it can also turn out to be disastrous if not handled well. Through lovemaking, you can experience one-flesh intimacy, deep pleasure and comfort in each other. However, this is not the case for all the couples out there. Luckily for them, we will highlight some of the best practices that will get them wild with pleasure and enjoy special moments with each other.

Be Proud of Your Naked Body

Couples fail to have mind-blowing sex because they are uncomfortable with their naked selves. Studies show that women and even men who feel good about their bodies have the most amazing sex. Although this could be all in the mind, it thus important that you reassure your partner that they are beautiful. You could also open up to your partner to find out what he or she prefers.

Turn Ordinary Chores into Foreplay

Foreplay is an important part of any lovemaking session. It builds the emotional connection and arousal, ingredients of tantalizing sex. Do not wait until you are in bed. Turn every opportunity you get into something that will build up to wonderful sex. Rub against him or her as you pass by. When you finally go to bed, take it a notch higher. Try to find her G-spot and let her guide you. You can alternate this with the figure 8 technique on her and see just how crazy she will go. If you can keep this on over 15 minutes, you can be assured that nothing will be able to describe the pleasure that both of you will enjoy.

Leave the House

It is always good to escape from the house and all the distractions at home once in a while with your partner to have some wonderful time together. Go out to dinner and even try something new. This can really ignite the passion in your life especially if things had started becoming a little boring. Going out of the house does not necessarily have to be about dinner. You could also visit your partner at the workplace since it reveals something about him or her that you probably fell in love with at the beginning.

Find Fulfillment

When making love, it is important to take time and appreciate the joy of sex. Understanding the awe that takes place in your body and that of your partner can help you change your attitude and help you focus on fulfillment. Always take time to enjoy it and ensure that your partner is enjoying too. Before switching off the light, look into your spouse’s eyes and smile.

Taking your lovemaking sessions to greater heights means that both of you will enjoy the sex and each other’s company. Thanks to these ideas, this is more than possible.