So often, couples venture out to find the perfect sex toy to spice up their experience. It’s only natural to want to share the world of possibilities with your significant other, while taking your pleasure to the next level. Yet, while many toys are designed with one in mind, couples seeking out the best sex toys have unique needs that make traditional toys a little more cumbersome. But today, we’re taking a look at some toys that are specifically designed for you couples in mind, so that you can share in the fun. Here are some of the best sex toys for couples:

Two Vibrators in One with the Zini Deuz

For couples, there’s almost nothing better than our first choice, the Zini Deuz. This toy isn’t simple one vibrator; it’s two. In the shape of an egg, it comes apart to form an awesome duo: one vibrator for her and one for him. With different levels of vibration, it offers a custom experience for her clitoris and his testicles. Both are shaped well for each partner’s genitals while allowing for easy co-use. This toy can be adapted for almost any sexual situation involving couples, making it an ideal go-to for satisfaction.

The Iconic Ring and Iconic Pocket Make For a Matching Set

Another good choice for couples looking to step up their standard sex is the Iconic set. The Iconic Ring fits perfectly over his cock, while the Iconic Pocket is a compact vibrator for her needs. The best part? You can use them both in water, which takes a regular old romp in the bed to the steamy and wet intimacy of the shower. While trying out new positions, you can also try out what it’s like for each of you to get that bit of extra excitement together as each piece gently stimulates during intercourse.

The Tor 2 is a Powerful Cock Ring for Couples

While cock rings are nothing new, combing them with the right form-factor and a motor means couples can enjoy this toy at the same time. The Tor 2 is just such a toy, with a broad upper-shaped cuff that offers a good fit. This cock ring promises that during sex, he’s having a great time, while her clit and vagina are also receiving a dose of that stimulation.

We-Vibe Connects with a Great Shape

Our final selection is a state-of-the-art choice for couples looking for a good sex toy. The We-Vibe is a silicone vibrator with a novel shape that lets her really enjoy a full experience, from g-spot to clitoris. In the process, it allow him to enjoy the experience, while also having a bit of control with their free smart phone app that can be used to up the intensity or even create custom playlists. This toy, along with each of our others, really offers some good selections for couples looking for the perfect toy.