Often, men are unsuccessful in buying lingerie that their partner finds as attractive as they do. Many men are unsure where they went wrong in their choice of lingerie and, unless their partner is willing to explain it to them, continue to be in the dark in the lingerie buying department.
Buying lingerie can be challenging because men are often unfamiliar with women’s sizes. They are unsure with the way women’s clothes are sized, as well as what size their partner may or may not prefer for their own comfort. A man can greatly increase his chances of pleasing his partner with his choice in lingerie if he becomes familiar with common clothing sizes as well as what size his partner wears. In doing this, he can ensure that the awkwardness of buying the wrong size and upsetting his partner is avoided.

Another reason buying lingerie can be challenging is knowing exactly what will make her feel sexy. Most women will not feel sexy or empowered in the skimpy nurse outfit that leaves nothing to the imagination. Most women like a little mystery; they like to tease their partner with something that reveals a little, but not too much. A man would be wise to have a conversation with his partner about her lingerie preferences, as most women will be pleased that he is concerned about what she likes or dislikes, and he will learn what lingerie to consider and what to steer clear of.

Some men, however, find it difficult to consult with their partners about their lingerie preferences. There can be many reasons for this, though one may simply be that he is surprising her with a romantic evening. If this is the case, a man should consider things his partner has worn in the past or has stashed away in her underwear drawer. These can be clues in figuring out what size to buy as well as what his partner prefers to wear in order to feel sexy.

A man should always keep in mind that a woman almost always has something she is self conscious about when it comes to her body. Buying lingerie that covers, or exposes, body parts as she prefers is helpful in successful lingerie shopping. In addition, a man should always remember to compliment his partner when she wears the lingerie he has bought for her.