Some of the possible reasons why married men visit prostitutes include the potential that they have: lack of interest in their spouse; dissatisfaction in their marriages; and low self-esteem and self-worth.

Lack of interest in one’s spouse could be attributed to many factors. For example, especially after having had children, the wife may not be considered as attractive to the husband as she once was. Maybe she gained a few extra pounds (or more) that she was never able to quite lose once she had kids. For some married men, this may take all the physical attraction out of the marriage so much so that it is more of a chore or duty to have intimate relations with their wives rather than something that men enjoy any more. Therefore, they might turn to prostitutes in order to fulfill their needs.

This leads us to the next possibility why men turn to prostitutes for self-fulfillment. Many men are dissatisfied in their marriages, either because there are money problems or other such difficulties that can burden a marriage. Perhaps the married man has a lot of stress at work and hasn’t really made enough time for family and has become somewhat dissociated from his wife. Most of all, it is possible that the married man becomes sexually unfulfilled due to either him not wanting to have sex with his wife, or vice versa–where the wife might be withholding sex from her husband for whatever reason. Perhaps she is not in the mood to have intercourse or feels like it is a chore. When a man visits a prostitute, he likes to not only enjoy sex himself, but he usually wants the woman to feel like she is enjoying herself as well.

Married men who visit prostitutes run the gamut in terms of what kind of ethical and moral scruples they have. Some men are more discreet than others. Some couples have open marriages where the wife “agrees” to such behavior as long as the man is just fulfilling sexual needs and desires but has no emotional attachment to the prostitute. Women are actually more upset when men are emotionally unavailable for them. Its possible married men who visit prostitutes have self-esteem issues or low self-worth.

There are a variety of reasons married men might visit prostitutes–stemming from a lack of interest in their spouses, marital dissatisfaction, or having low self-esteem or self-worth.