More women are paying for sex than ever before. Recent studies show that a larger number of women are paying for sex than in the past. Websites advertising casual sex are frequented by more women than men these days. Male escort services are on the rise. These escorts can be paid hundreds of dollars for the night.

A study by Dr. Sarah Kingston of Lancaster University and Dr. Natalie Hammond at Manchester Metropolitan University takes an in depth look at this phenomenon. While in its early stages, results show that a large number of these women are in their thirties and forties, most of which are career women.

Many of these women say that they do not have time for relationships. Using male escort services is just more efficient. The number of male escort profiles on the Internet has tripled in the last five years. This is a large increase in just a short time.

There are several reasons that women might pay for sex.

1. Dating can be a difficult task. Meeting people and getting to know them can take a lot of time and effort. Many women just do not have the time or energy to spend on starting a new relationship. Sometimes it is just quicker and easier to pay for the experience and move on.

2. It is safer than meeting someone at a bar and having sex the first night. Escort services regularly test their escorts for STD’s and perform background checks. Meeting someone in the dating scene, you never know what you are getting into.

3. Some men can be clingy. Sometimes sex is all a woman wants; no strings, no callbacks, no future dates. Escorts provide the perfect sex with no strings experience.

4. Satisfaction Guaranteed. These male escorts are tested. They are not selfish lovers. Their livelihood relies on making sure the woman has a pleasurable experience.

Most male escort services provide a variety of encounter options. These range anywhere from “a chance hookup” to “the boyfriend experience”. I am sure that if you use your imagination you can come up with several other options that are available. Whatever your desire, it is probably out there waiting for you.

It is likely that with more women rising in the business world, this trend will continue. After all, haven’t business men been doing this for years now? Maybe it is time that the women got their turn.