Why Married Men Visit Prostitutes

Some of the possible reasons why married men visit prostitutes include the potential that they have: lack of interest in their spouse; dissatisfaction in their marriages; and low self-esteem and self-worth. Lack of interest in one’s spouse could be attributed to many factors. For example, especially after having had children, the wife may not be(…)

Women Paying For Sex

WOMEN ARE PAYING FOR SEX! More women are paying for sex than ever before. Recent studies show that a larger number of women are paying for sex than in the past. Websites advertising casual sex are frequented by more women than men these days. Male escort services are on the rise. These escorts can be(…)

Tips For Men On Buying Lingerie

Often, men are unsuccessful in buying lingerie that their partner finds as attractive as they do. Many men are unsure where they went wrong in their choice of lingerie and, unless their partner is willing to explain it to them, continue to be in the dark in the lingerie buying department. Buying lingerie can be(…)